Silver and coral coffee cup holder
Ottoman, 19th Century
Sadberk Hanım Museum Collection
A Cup of Coffee - A Special Memory of 40 Years
Yapı Kredi Publications
  • Use Turkish coffee beans freshly ground to a powder.
  • Place one heaping tsp. (7-8 gr.) for each portion in an empty and dry cezve (small long-handled pot). Note: In order to bring the foam to the ideal thickness and have room for the coffee to rise in the pot, be sure to use a cezve of a size appropriate to the amount of coffee being prepared.
  • Add the desired amount of sugar as follows:

    Plain – No sugar added
    A little sweet – 1 sugar cube (2-3 gr.)
    Medium sweet – 1 ½ sugar cubes (3-4.5 gr.)
    Very sweet – 2 sugar cubes (4-6 gr.)
  • Pour into the pot one coffee cup of room temperature water for each portion of coffee.
  • Stir the mixture well before placing the cezve over the fire. (Do not stir it after it is placed over the fire.)
  • Use a low flame. (Allow approximately 3 minutes for the coffee to cook.)
  • To distribute equal amounts of foam:

    • The first time the coffee rises (at about 80o C): Lift the cezve from the flame before the mixture rises to the brim and spoon equal amounts of the foam into the cups. Put the cezve back on the fire.
    • The second time the coffee rises (at about 90o C), more foam is formed. Again, remove from the fire before the mixture rises to the brim. Let it sit for a few seconds. (At this stage, the process can be repeated if desired. However, take care not to let the coffee boil to avoid it becoming bitter and watery.)
    • After each time the coffee rises in the pot, distribute the foam to the cups in equal amounts. In this way each cup will contain an equal amount of coffee. Serve a glass of water with the coffee.