Coffee Reading

The book of coffee cup reading & coffee. 90 reading sessions interpreted through 540 photographic illustrations in 646 pages.

“Coffee Reading” project is envisioned to become an objective guide to coffee cup reading which is a common habit and a form of entertainment especially in eastern countries spreading now towards west. The author, conducted her research to ensure the best and briefest possible information is reflected throughout the book. Being a coffee cup reader herself, she read 90 different cups in 90 days and interpreted what she saw in detail.

Each coffee cup reader may see the shapes that appear in a cup differently. This is a fact you will notice while browsing the book yourself. Shapes in fact loom as an object or a situation entirely depending on the mental and visual infrastructure of the person who is trying to see the other ones’ current life patterns and destiny. The tendencies of the reader and the chemistry she forms with the person whose cup she is reading are the root factors that determine the basis of the reading.

The reading section is composed of 540 photographs. Every reading is demonstrated in a set of 6 photographs, one photograph being presented on each page. The point of view of the photography of each reading is kept stable through all the 90readings. Two short videos are also included to demonstrate how Turkish coffee is prepared and read.

Turkish version: KAHVE FALI

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